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IMPACT Coalition of Spartanburg offers a special opportunity for individuals and organizations to come together and work for public policy change regarding alcohol. This coalition has choosen to specifically address issues related to UNDERAGE DRINKING PREVENTION.

Maybe you want to know HOW WE DO THAT?

Public Policy is how it is done. Public Policy includes the following:

  • Laws and regulation on underage drinking, alcohol sales, driving under the influence of alcohol, providing alcohol to minors and enforcement and licensing of retail establishments.
  • Policies and practices of public institutions such as police departments, business’, schools and colleges.
  • Policies about advertising in public places and alcohol sponsorship of public events.

Ask us why we want to prevent underage drinking in Spartanburg County and we will explain.

  • Alcohol is particulary dangerous for young people because their bodies are still developing. The average age for first use of alcohol in Spartanburg County is 13 years old. We all agree this is too young.
  • Alcohol impairs physical and mental coordination
  • Alcohol is linked to violence and crime and school drop out
  • Alcohol use among youth can be fatal. 90% of the alcohol consumed by youth is consumed while binge drinking.
  • Alcohol can impede one of the most critical tasks of adolescence…the development of coping skills
  • Alcohol is not a “feel good” drug it is a depressant, which alters behavior and reactions.
  • 40% of South Carolina youth drink alcohol monthly.

Current Prevention Strategies that the IMPACT Coalition is involved in include:

Spartanburg County has formed an enforcement team made up of local law enforcement officers. This team of enforcement officials are called the TAC ( Tobacco Alcohol Compliance) Team.

Compliance Checks( on-premise & off-premises )

One method that underage youth use to obtain alcoholic beverages is by purchasing it from retail establishments. Based on recent underage drinking data obtained from surveys of youth that admit consumption of alcoholic beverages, those surveyed stated that 10 percent of the time they obtain alcohol from retail outlets. These businesses can be on-premise establishments, such as bars and restaurants or off-premise stores such as convenience stores or "red dot" stores. At these locations, servers, clerks, and bartenders do not always ask for valid identification from the youth

Law enforcement conduct compliance checks to test the obedience with underage drinking laws that require retail personnel to check the buyer's age and not sell alcoholic beverages if the purchaser is less than 21 years old. They supervise an underage youth while he or she attempts to purchase alcoholic beverages from alcohol retail outlets. It should be noted these operations are not conducted so officers can write tickets or arrest the sellers but are meant to reduce underage youth access to alcohol.

Merchant and Server Training:( Palmetto Retailers Education Program (PREP) )

Server/seller training educates merchants on their legal responsibilities as well as effective techniques for controlling sales to minors and to individuals who are intoxicated. This education is effective because it is used in conjunction with compliance checks. By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Recognize that they have a legal responsible not to sell alcohol to underage youth
  • Understand key state laws about selling alcohol in South Carolina and the correct procedures for checking an ID
  • Understand how to refuse service to underage youth and intoxicated customers.


Tools of public policy change depends on community communication and involvement. We would like to include you in one of the following:

  • Letter writing campaigns
  • Advocacy
  • Media Strategies
  • Ride along
  • Volunteer in strategies above
  • Monetary contribution to these efforts