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Does Vaping Lead to Smoking Cigarettes?

Are youth that do not smoke regular cigarettes becoming more likely to smoke e-cigarettes?  Electronic cigarette producers main intentions are for those that smoke harmful cigarettes to switch over to the “less” harmful electronic cigarettes.  However, according to a study, this is not always the case.  It is becoming more and more common for youth that do not smoke regular cigarettes at all to actually start using e-cigarettes with nicotine in them.  This, in turn, could have the opposite effect, causing them to start smoking regular cigarettes if their vaping tool isn’t available to supply their nicotine fix. 


The Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal published a study that found in 2011, 79,000 youth surveyed had never smoked a cigarette, but used e-cigarettes.  In 2013 this number went up to 263,000, which is 3 times more in just 2 years.


The National Youth Tobacco survey showed that the youth that use e-cigarettes, but have never smoked cigarettes indicated that they were interested in smoking cigarettes twice as much as the youth that did not use e-cigarettes.  It seems these e-cigarettes could do the exact opposite of what they intended, more youth are using these as a gateway to start smoking.


This study looked into advertisements, and how they influenced youth tobacco use.  Those that reported seeing more ads stated that they had higher intentions of smoking in the near future.  The more outlets that the youth received advertisements also made a difference. For instance, if they received information from the internet, television, magazines, and billboards they would be more likely to want to smoke.


The amount of nicotine in the e-cigarettes is enough to become addicted, is this really what we want to happen?  Look into these products if you see your child using them; know that the majority of them contain nicotine, which is harmful to the adolescent brain. Please help us keep this from becoming a first step to smoking cigarettes. 

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