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Kick Butts 2018

National Kick Butts Day 2018

Taylor Dockter, MPA, MS, CPS

March 23 marked National Kick Butts Day, a day where thousands of young adults nationwide spoke up against Big Tobacco. Since tobacco use is associated with a number of negative health outcomes leading to premature death, Big Tobacco is constantly working to recruit the next generation of smokers.

Did you know that 9 in 10 current smokes began before age 18?

Our teens are inundated with tobacco messaging on a regular basis. Many are unaware that this messaging can negatively influence decision-making and even lead to tobacco use. The passionate and motivated students at Chesnee Middle School decided that they had something to say about this important topic.

Setting up a banner during lunch, they invited their friends and classmates to sign a pledge to be the first generation that is tobacco-free. Many students brought in school pride by proudly displaying that they were not a replacement for tobacco but rather an “eagle”, the school’s mascot.


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