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Impact Spartanburg

187 West Broad Street | P.O. Box 1252
Spartanburg, SC 29304

How To Get Involved

Our Mission
“To unite and empower the community to reduce the harmful impact of alcohol and other drugs on youth and families.”

Engaged Community Members

These are members of the community that follow the coalition. They are engaged and interested in the efforts of the coalition, occasionally help with community activities, but are not able to attend meetings. These members receive correspondence from the coalition, newsletter and information about featured events and this allows them to select the level of involvement they are able to commit to throughout the year.

We encourage all members of the community to join Impact Spartanburg, whether you want to be actively involved or just receive information about what we do.

Where do you see yourself?

Active Attending

These members are actively engaged and attend IMPACT meetings and coalition functions. Currently, members have the option to serve on one of the four sub-committees:

Tobacco Prevention, Underage Drinking Prevention, Access to Prescription Drugs and Drug Trends. The members of sub-committees plans strategies specific to meeting the goals and objectives of the IMPACT Coalition. Members receive all correspondence related to the Coalition so they can stay active.

Steering Committee

Members of the Steering Committee help make decisions regarding budget, agenda items, long term and short term goals of the coalition and serve as the executive overseers of the coalition and its work.