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What is the YAB?

What Is The YAB?


The YAB started over 27 years ago,initially as a way for The Forrester Center (at that time SADAC) to be aware of the issues that effect youth and their families. The group’s purpose has grown over the years and has become a powerful force of dedicated young people who are working to make a difference in Spartanburg County. The YAB is also the youth sub-committee for the Community Alcohol and Drug IMPACT Coalition.

The YAB promotes the idea of healthy lifestyles by educating youth through peer leadership and role modeling and also promoting the concept of being a volunteer for the community. The YAB participates in alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention programs, team building activities,leadership programs, and awareness activities. They also have a focus on the sell of alcohol and tobacco products to underage youth and assist The Forrester Center in developing environmental strategies to reduce availability. As you can tell the YAB makes a tremendous impact on the community that we live in but also makes a difference in each member’s lives! The Youth Advisory Board serves as a positive support group for its members so they can rely on each other and make better decisions. The YAB is trained as a team and taught the importance of communication and leadership, which are key components of a healthy team approach.

There are still openings for this year's YAB group if you are interested in being a leader and in making a difference in your community! Even if you have never volunteered before, the YAB is a great place to start your "leadership career", learning those skills that you will need both in your high school career and in the future as you go on to influence those around you to make good choices and remain alcohol, tobacco and other drug free!

Please contact

Victoria Payne

Comments From Past Members and Parents

"The YAB was a foundation for me as a leader. The organization taught me the essence of teambuilding, working with diverse people, communication skills, and self-esteem. YAB was the social mechanism that has led me to continue to work on topics of diversity, social change, and social action."

- Darris Means
Assistant Director of the Elon Academy College Access Program

"The YAB gave me the opportunity to not only make friends but make a difference in my community."

- Donnette Baumann
Middle School Teacher

"At no point in my life have I felt more accepted and comfortable than when I was in the YAB. The community service I performed and knowledge I gained was great. I was able to do it with kids I really enjoyed being around. Knowing there were others that had my views gave me a lot of confidence."

- Gregg McCullough
Drug Prevention Specialist

"The Youth Advisory Board gave me the opportunity to impact others while instilling a sense of self-confidence."

- Matthew Hammett
Assistant Director of Wofford Residential Life

"It (YAB) has helped put my mind at ease because of the attitude he has on alcohol and drugs."

- Parent
Taken from the YAB Parent Survey

"It (YAB) has helped in the sense that my daughter is high risk and it has equipped her with skills to make the right choices."

- Parent
Taken from the YAB Parent Survey

Who Can Join?

The Spartanburg YAB is open to youth in Spartanburg County who meet the following requirements:



For more information on the Youth Advisory Board contact
Victoria Payne at 864.707.2802 or vpayne@theforrestercenter.org


Funding for the YAB comes in part from a yearly competitive grant process from the United Way of the Piedmont.