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Impact Spartanburg

187 West Broad Street | P.O. Box 1252
Spartanburg, SC 29304

Who We Are

To unite and empower the community to reduce the harmful impact of alcohol and other drugs.

Impact Spartanburg

Who We Are

Impact Spartanburg 

We are a community group, or coalition, made up of business members, parents, youth, law enforcement, and citizen volunteers who consider ourselves community activists.  We are guided by the principle of "Don't make a decision about us, without us". To accomplish this, we strive to have a community group that represents the Spartanburg community. In total we have members representing 12 different sectors of the community with a diverse set of skills, interests, beliefs, and values.

Our mission is to work in and through the community to reduce the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drug in Spartanburg. 

Our vision is for the community to thrive by promoting healthy youth and families. 

This vision can not be attained unless there is a decrease in alcohol, tobacco and other drug usage and a change in the community norms, attitudes and behaviors regarding these substances. Adults within the community are responsible to provide a community for young people where youth make healthy choices and are not bombarded with messages that promote alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

The more that involved adults can do within the community to reduce access, postpone use, and eliminate the problems that cause use of these substances, the less likely we will have young adults in our community making unhealthy choices. 

Community level change will be achieved when the community becomes involved in the effort. The community must realize that the problem belongs to each and every one of us in this community. No special skills are required to join us. We just need your drive and passion to make an IMPACT in the Spartanburg Community.  

What is the IMPACT COMMUNITY? We are a community of...

Place: We are concerned about our community, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Experience: We share a concern about our communities Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Problems.

Interest:  Individually and  personally each member in this Coalition has a shared interest in a healthy place for youth and families to thrive.